Conference History

The Wirtschaftsinformatik 2011 conference was held from 16th to 18th February 2011 in Zurich.  Its focus was the growing relevance of Web 2.0 for organizations and society. The rigorous reviewing process went through several phases and resulted in 27% acceptance rate.  Research works about the usage of IT, development and architecture, information management, IT in services, IS in industries, as well as theory and methodology were discussed during the Wirtschaftsinformatik 2011, which took place for the first time in Switzerland. Around half of the conference papers were written in English, which has shown the increasing internationalization of the conference. 700 participants had the opportunity to discuss about scientific topics, to network as well as to enjoy comedy shows together in Zurich.

Logo WI 2009

The subject of the WI 2009 was "Business Services: concepts, technologies, applications" and took place in February 25.-27. outside Germany in Vienna for the first time. During the conference were the development trends towards service-oriented architectures and also towards the service society discussed. Scientific coordinators of the conference was Hans Robert Hansen, Vienna University of Economics and Business, and Prof. Dimitris Karagiannis, University of Vienna. Over 1000 participants from 20 nations came to the conference.

Logo WI 2007

The motto of the WI 2007 was "eOrganisation: service-, process-, market-engineering". It adressed the wide range of tasks of business informatics and discussed a variety of application ranges and technical questions. With this and other topics, the conference provided a attractive forum to speak about actual topics from research and practice.

Logo WI 2005

The Keywords eEconomy, eGovernment and eSociety are signs for the importance of connected ICT systems in economy, public authorities and society. They chracterize the mission and the program for the field of business informatics and were the general topic during the 7. international conference of business informatics (WI2005) in february 23.-25. at the University of Bamberg.

Logo WI 2003

The WI 2003 took place in Februray 17.-19. in Dresden with focus on media - markets - mobility. Central topic were the development, standardisation and integration of mobile and multimedia services and applications in differntiated markets with their sustained impact on economy and society. Confernce coordinator Professor Uhr, Professor Esswein und Professor Schoop welcomed over 700 participants from praxis and research. With regard to the geografical position of Dresden was a special focus placed on the upcoming EU eastward expansion and his forthcoming economically and information-technical transformation and networking processes.

Logo WI 2001

The 5. international conference of business informatics ("Wirtschaftsinformatik" - WI 2001) were presented under the motto "Information Age Economy - Innovations, Methods and Application in e-Commerce". It was again one of the top forums for communication and exchange of experience from research and practice with scope on business informatics in the German-speaking countries. In a Joint Venture with the 3. conference on informatic systems in the financial economy ("Informationssysteme in der Finanzwirtschaft" - IF 2001) were documented, that the rapid technological development creates a variety of challenges, but with promising solutions for the financial scope. The WI-IF 2001 from 19. to 21. of September provided under the control of Professor Buhl many visitors from a economic, science and student scope a comprehensive conference program with trend-setting works from science and practice.

Logo WI 1999

Core focus of the WI '99 from 3.-5. march in Saarbrücken was "Electronic Business Engineering" and the topic dealt mostly witth the rapid increased importance of the internet. About 1300 atendees from research and praxis met on the university grounds under the direction of Professor Sheer and where welcomned with an opening speech from R. Klimmt, the prime minister of the Saarland back then. The keynote speech from Professor Malone from the Sloan School of Management MIT, Cambridge in USA took the by now reached international importance into account.

Logo WI 1997

Increased competitive pressure in due to the opening up to the east europe markets and the rapid development of the asian development countries, which made globalisation more important in many branches, were the refenrence points of the focus theme on international business activities on basis of flexible organisation strucures and more powerful information systems. Over 1000 decision-makers and managers from research and praxis paticipated in the conference, organized from Professor Krallmann and opened from the governing Mayor E. Diepgen, which discussed for the first time explicit with the internet as a key technology.

Logo WI 1995

The WI1995 (Wirtschaftsinformatik '95) offered his 800 participants a variety of interesting lectures and workshops dedicated to the topics how to be competitive with ICT, the usage of innovative technologies and the estimation of economic efficiency of the usage of ICT. Keynote speaker Dr. M. Endres (Deutsche Bank AG) spoke about information technology as an area of tension between rationalization efforts and innovation.

Logo WI 1993

Even the first conference in the year 1993, placed in Münster and organized from professor Kurbel, met the expectations of the over 500 participants, to be a forum for guests both from praxis and research. The core focus lied on the integration and organization of the information processing. As prominent keynote speaker spoke the former federal minister of economics, J. W. Möllemann, about german as a business location for the high-tech industry.