Research Tracks

The "Wirtschaftsinformatik" is the leading business information systems conference in the german speaking countries. In 2013 the conference follows the three leading themes innovation, individualization and integration. They cover a broad realm of topics from new IT-enabled business models and integrated business processes to innovative ways of user interaction in the social web. While emphasizing the growing relevance of IT in all business-oriented areas, the tracks of iWI2013 aim at covering most established facets of the Wirtschaftsinformatik discipline.

Conference Proceedings

Volume 1 (Tracks 1 - 5)

Volume 2 (Tracks 6 - 11, Student Consortium)

The two volumes are available for purchase (one volume = 40€, both volumes = 60€), please contact


WI2013 Awards


Track 1      Individualization and Consumerization
(Jan Marco Leimeister, Hubert Österle)
Track 2      Integrated Systems in Manufacturing Industries
                  (Petra Schubert, Susanne Strahringer)
Track 3      Integrated Systems in Service Industries
  (Michael H. Breitner, Matthias Schumann)
Track 4      Innovations and Business Models
    (Peter Buxmann, Kathrin Möslein)
Track 5      Information and Knowledge Management
(Ulrike Baumöl, Hans-Georg Kemper)
Track 6      Business Process and Service Management
(Jörg Becker, Jan Mendling)
Track 7      Sustainability and Security
(Hans-Knud Arndt, Kai Rannenberg)
Track 8      Modeling and Development Methods
                  (Stefan Strecker, Klaus Turowski)
Track 9      Integration and Architectures
(Witold Abramowicz, Robert Tolksdorf)
Track 10    Research Methods and Philosophy
(Ulrich Frank, Frédéric Thiesse)
Track 11    General Track - Visionary and Cross-Disciplinary Issues
(Jörn Altmann, Stefan Kirn)